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Master the PTE Exam in Just a Week

Comprehensive Tips, Tricks, and Step-by-Step Guidance for Real-World Success

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Note: If you see “You can skip this part” it means that whatever you do in that section will not contribute to or reduce your overall PTE Exam score.

PTE Speaking

  1. The Speaking section of the PTE test evaluates your ability to express yourself clearly and accurately in spoken English. It consists of several task types, including:
  • Personal introduction: Introduce yourself and provide some background information. (You can skip this part)
  • Read aloud: Read a given text aloud with correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • Repeat sentence: Listen to and repeat a sentence accurately.
  • Describe image: Describe an image or graph in detail.
  • Re-tell lecture: Listen to a lecture and summarize the main points.
  • Answer short questions: Answer a question based on the provided information.

To excel in this section, improve your pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary.

Read aloud

Repeat sentence

Describe image

The simple template to apply with no memorization:

Re-tell lecture

The simple template to apply with no memorization:

Answer short question

PTE Listening

  1. The Listening section measures your ability to understand spoken English in various contexts. The tasks in this section include:
  • Summarize spoken text: Listen to a recording and provide a summary.
  • Multiple-choice questions: Answer questions based on the information from a recording.
  • Fill in the blanks: Complete the transcription of a recording by filling in the missing words.
  • Highlight correct summary: Select the correct summary of a recording.
  • Select missing word: Choose the missing word from a recording.
  • Highlight incorrect words: Identify the incorrect words in a transcript of a recording.
  • Write from dictation: Listen to a sentence and write it down accurately.

Developing strong listening skills and note-taking techniques will help you perform well in this section.

Summarize spoken text

Follow the instructions, you can surely get perfect score in Summarize spoken text.

The simple template to apply

The audio was mainly about people’s keyword. The speaker stated such words as their keyword and keyword. Moreover, their keyword and keyword were also discussed in the lecture. In addition to this, the lecture talked about their keyword. Furthermore, the discussion was about their keyword. Finally the speaker concluded the lecture by stating the facts about their keyword.

You need to have 8 keywords

How to apply this Summarize spoken text template

Fill in the blanks

Highlight correct summary

Select missing word

Write from dictation

PTE Reading

  1. The Reading section assesses your ability to comprehend written English in various formats, such as academic texts, newspapers, and websites. The tasks in this section are:
  • Multiple-choice questions: Answer questions based on a given passage.
  • Re-order paragraphs: Arrange paragraphs to form a coherent text.
  • Fill in the blanks: Complete a text by selecting the correct words from a list.
  • Reading and writing fill in the blanks: Fill in the blanks in a passage using words from a dropdown list.

To excel in this section, focus on enhancing your reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Re-order paragraphs

Fill in the blanks

Reading and writing fill in the blanks

PTE Writing

  1. The Writing section evaluates your ability to produce written English that is clear, well-organized, and accurate. There are two main tasks in this section:
  • Summarize written text: Read a passage and summarize it in a single sentence.
  • Write essay: Write a well-structured essay on a given topic, typically within 200-300 words.

Improving your grammar, vocabulary, and essay-writing skills will help you succeed in this section.

Summarize written text

Write essay

The simple template to apply

These days, the importance of {TOPIC} is one of the serious issues that has been discussed all over the world. There is a widespread belief among people that this issue is a popular subject of debate. In this essay, I shall discuss how different issues lead to different outcomes.

 To begin with, the association of {TOPIC} with several other aspects of today’s world has become critical. The discussion related to signifying the value of this topic has indeed attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. Needless to say, we should not entirely ignore the impacts of {Topic}

 Another pivotal aspect of my point of view is that we should understand the potential of {TOPIC} in today’s world. We should also consider that {TOPIC} can have both advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we should address the questions and concerns raised by this topic by taking proper steps and measures. Hence, it is clear from the arguments that we can establish a proper relation between {TOPIC} and other similar topics.

 Finally, after taking the aforementioned points into consideration, from my personal perspective, I am inclined to believe that the influence of {Topic} is a remarkable subject of discussion.

How to apply

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